There are thousands of scams being perpetrated each year. Most victims are the elderly, but a substantial number of younger individuals are also affected. The scams may work by eliciting an emotional response or promising a financial return. They all have the same goal – to strip people of their money and peace of mind.

Scammers try to gain trust by claiming to be from a person or organization with which the victim is familiar. Others try to instill fear, such as a suspension of an account, threats of being arrested, utilities being shut off, or that the victim’s account has been compromised.

Scammers will attempt to make their victim take immediate action, pay in gift cards, or make wireless transfers. There are a number of precautions that individuals can take to protect themselves from being scammed.

Security Software

Install security software on all computers and mobile devices. Turn on automatic updates to ensure they’re protected against the latest threats.


Create strong passwords that are at least 8 characters in length, includes a mix of upper- and lower-case letters, at least 1 number, and a special character. Password protection also applies to home internet connections. Secure home routers with a password and use extreme caution when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks.


These scams use emails and fake websites to trick people into providing personal information. Don’t disclose personal information online, click on links in emails, or disclose login information. Report these to the Federal Trade Commission and to the organization being impersonated.

Personal Information

Never provide personal information on social media sites and lock down privacy settings. Scammers can glean a lot about people through their social media profiles. Don’t accept friend requests from unknown people.

Safe Shopping

Make sure the online shopping website’s address begins with https, indicating it uses secure technology. When checking out, make sure https is part of the address and/or check to see if a padlock symbol is visible on the page.

Privacy Policies

Read the website’s privacy policy to see how it protects personal information that’s collected and if it shares that information with third parties. If the policy isn’t easy to understand or not provided, consider going elsewhere to shop.

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