Not to be confused with interest rates on a mortgage or ongoing property taxes to be paid each year, a mortgage recording tax is used to document a loan transaction. It’s a fee that’s paid when someone takes out a mortgage. There are currently eight states that charge a mortgage tax and one of those is Florida. Numerous lending institutions offer online mortgage tax calculators that perform the financial calculations.

Individuals can do the math themselves by taking the total amount being borrowed and dividing it by 100. Then round up that number to the nearest whole number. Local laws may allow for a deduction to reduce the amount.

Florida residents pay 35 cents per $100, based on the amount of debt being incurred on the mortgage. However, that amount can vary among counties and a surtax may also apply. It’s customary for the seller to pay the tax, though that isn’t a mandate. The real estate agent is responsible for securing a check for the amount before the deed is recorded.

Failure to pay the amount promptly can result in the state assessing a monthly penalty fee. A floating interest rate may also be placed on any unpaid document. Parties exempt from the tax include state and federal government agencies, political subdivisions, and Florida counties and municipalities. When an entity is exempt from the tax, the other party must pay it.

Many types of deeds require this documentation, including warranty and quit claim deeds, easements, and contracts for mineral, timber, gas and oil rights. A mortgage tax is also collected if an individual refinances. However, a mortgage reassignment can transfer the original mortgage tax to the new lender. Not all lending institutions will do this, but if the lender agrees to do so, it can save individuals a significant amount of money.

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