Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, many forward-looking individuals are already thinking about their tax return. Even though federal tax returns are due on April 15, there are a variety of legitimate reasons why individuals may want to file for an extension on their taxes. For those that file an extension, be aware that the deadline for paying their taxes is Oct. 15.

Incomplete Documentation

The IRS requires documentation of all earnings and individuals may not have it. They may have lost their W2 from an employer and be waiting for a copy or the documentation. Though it doesn’t happen often, forms may be lost in the mail. It’s far better to file for an extension and wait for the W2 or other forms. It’s not uncommon for documents such as Form 1099 or Schedule K-1 to be late.

Life Events

Natural disasters, a death in the family, or severe illness are also reasons for filing an extension. Filing taxes is something that requires an individual’s full attention and any of those situations are distractions that aren’t conducive to filing tax returns.

Tax Savings

In some instances, an extension can be a strategic money-saving decision for converting an IRA. Taxpayers can perform a Roth IRA conversion, and while they’ll still have to pay taxes on it, the advantage is that individuals can take tax-free deductions from the IRA in the future. Filing an extension makes good business sense.


A number of individuals simply run out of time to file due to procrastination. The IRS won’t ask individuals to supply a reason for late filing, but for those that insist on waiting until the last moment, an extension does give them some breathing room.

Fees and Penalties

Even if a taxpayer files an extension on their taxes and doesn’t file by the extension deadline, they’ll still be subject to fees and penalties. The IRS will charge 1½ percent for each month the taxes aren’t paid after the filing deadline has passed. For those that don’t file a return at all by the extension date, the penalty increases to 5 percent per month and can reach a maximum of 25 percent.

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