Estate planning is an essential element of preparing for the future. It addresses issues ranging from end-of-life care to who inherits assets. It also helps individuals minimize the tax burden of inheritors. Estate planning is appropriate at any age, for singles and those with life partners. It’s especially critical for those that have children. It’s never too late to create a comprehensive plan to ensure the financial security of loved ones.

Financial assets and circumstances change over time and so do the needs of individuals. An effective estate planner will help clients create a plan that provides flexibility as their assets grow and family circumstances evolve. Estate planning allows individuals to dictate what will be done with their assets.

An estate plan accomplishes multiple goals. Without an estate plan, the court system will make decisions for an individual and they can be far different than what the owner intended.


Prioritize the guardianship of minor children during estate planning. The guardian must be a trusted person who will give precedence to the children and their needs. It’s a good idea to designate a second guardian if the first is unable to carry out their responsibilities.


Estate planning includes making a will that clearly states who inherits assets and names an executor to ensure those instructions are carried out when an individual dies. Beneficiaries will be of primary importance. A will also confers power of attorney to a specific individual, states end-of-life care, can establish a trust, and make provisions for the funds to pay for a funeral, final expenses and taxes.

Estate planning is a crucial element for every individual, even those with modest estates. Individuals work a lifetime to accrue assets and care for their loved ones. Estate planning ensures their financial wellbeing and that assets are distributed in the manner the manner the client desire.

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