Nobody is perfect and mistakes happen, even on tax returns. Individuals may discover they didn’t claim all the credits or deductions for which they were eligible, forgot to claim income, or just made an error in addition or subtraction. Sometimes employers issue a corrected W2, which means the amounts used to file taxes are incorrect. All of those situations are good reasons to file an amended tax return.

Paper Copies

Don’t start over and try filing an entirely new tax return. The bad news is that individuals can’t e-file an amended return – it has to be a paper copy that’s mailed to the IRS. Individuals will also need to amend their state return. It’s best to seek the assistance of a tax professional for an amended tax return or if a superseding return is an option.

Time Limit

People that file an amended tax form must do so within 3 years from the date they filed the original return, or within 2 years from the date any tax was due – whichever is later. It can take up to 16 weeks for the IRS to process an amended return.

Additional Forms

It will also require filing additional IRS forms. A tax professional will know which IRS forms are applicable, based on the client’s particular situation. There are some special due dates that apply in the event of a natural disaster, service or injury in a combat one foreign tax credits, bad debts, and net operating losses.

The IRS will often catch simple errors and correct them. If a balance is owed due to the error or mistake, the IRS will send the taxpayer a letter indicating the nature of the problem and how much is owed.

Amended Returns & Audits

When filing an amended tax return, individuals can’t pick and choose the items to change or those that will obtain a bigger refund. Changes affect the entire return. Taxpayers should be aware that there’s a greater chance of being audited if they file an amended return.

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