Small business owners are always looking for ways to save money and many make the mistake of trying to handle payroll duties on their own. Even if you only have a single employee, payroll services can save you money. There are serious fines and consequences for not meeting reporting deadlines or keeping accurate tax records for employees.

There are many facets to maintaining payroll ranging from employee withholdings to business deposits and withdrawals. It may include paid time off (PTO), 401k deductions and garnishments. It requires a significant amount of time and effort that could be better spent growing your business.


Small business owners face a variety of challenges and a payroll service helps you remain flexible and meet those challenges as the business environment and economy changes. You could be encountering supply chain issues or need to quickly scale up production to meet increased demand. Payroll services enable you to keep ahead of changing circumstances and minimize business disruptions.

Rules and Regulations

Payroll services enable you to remain compliant with state and federal reporting requirements and deadlines. You’ll also be compliant with the many regulations governing employee benefits ranging from retirement funds to insurance coverage.

Fines and Penalties

You can run afoul of the IRS for multiple reasons ranging from failure to pay business income tax, underpayments or late payments. The fines and fees associated with even small infractions increase over time and limits cash flow to your business. A payroll service reduces your risk.

No Degree Necessary

You don’t have to have experience or a degree in accounting. Your payroll company has the knowledge and experience to attend to all the details. They’ll provide you with accurate accountings and keep you informed of the financial health of your business.


You need to maintain security against physical and cyber incursions. A data breach at your company can cost you dearly, leave your business vulnerable to ransomware attacks, and compromise employee data. Payroll services utilize advanced security measures to keep sensitive information about your enterprise safe.

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