A significant number of college students are reassessing their career path. They’re discovering they won’t make as much as they anticipated. A study conducted by Real Estate Witch found that undergrads across all majors overestimated their starting salaries by 88 percent. There are numerous well-paying opportunities in accounting for 2022 and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a significant growth rate in all areas.


A bookkeeper maintains a company’s day-to-day financial transactions. They record, prepare and present financial statements to supervisors and managers about some or all of an organization’s accounts. They’re responsible for keeping a running total of costs and income and it represents an excellent opportunity for those entering the field. Bookkeepers enter data, verify billing statements, and work with multiple types of financial software.

Personal Accountant

There’s an almost endless need for personal accounts. They keep track of and help individuals and business owners manage credit card and bank statements, keep tax records, review expenditures, and ensure staff are paid.

Tax Preparer

Individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses utilize the services of a tax preparer throughout the year to ensure their finances stay on track. Tax preparers prepare taxes, ensure clients are only paying what they should, and help them organize records. They may work for a larger company, but often operate their own business out of their home.

Forensic Accountant

Law enforcement agencies, lawyers, private investigators, insurance companies, government agencies and financial institutions employ forensic accountants. They’re often called as expert witnesses in court cases to prove embezzlement, fraud and other financial wrongdoing. They analyze financial statements, bank records and other documents.

Environmental Accountant

The job includes recording income, expenditures and other transactions related to cost savings. Many companies and corporations employ environmental accountants to create social responsibility statements in terms of energy costs and similar changes relating to green practices.

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