The most important reason you need a certified CPA is that they can save you money. Tax
preparers typically undergo a basic course before embarking on tax preparation services. A
certified CPA has years of specialized education and experience to draw upon. There are many
levels and specialties in the realm of CPAs and its important to find the right professional for
the task.

More Money
A certified CPA utilizes specialized, sophisticated software and is cognizant of the changing tax
laws. They’re knowledgeable in credits, deductions, extensions, and amendments of which the
average individual wouldn’t be aware. They can even amend returns from previous years. The
experts are able to identify errors that could result in higher taxes or an audit and maximize

IRS Representation
Everyone fears an IRS audit and it’s difficult to justify a tax return when you’re in a panic. A
certified CPA has the authority to represent you in an audit. The professionals deal in facts,
figures, and speak the same financial language as the IRS.

They can also aid in lowering the financial cost of an audit and negotiate on your behalf if the
findings go against you. Just remember that even if the return is completed by the CPA, you’re
still responsible for the information that it contains.

Confidentiality & Documentation
Home filing systems can be haphazard, incomplete, and completely unsuitable if they pertain to
a business endeavor. A certified CPA retains your records and treats them with the utmost

Future Planning
A certified CPA is a licensed professional qualified to prepare your taxes, plan for future tax
returns, retirement, investments, and business success.

Peace of Mind
Tax returns are complex and complicated. The peace of mind that comes with a certified CPA is
worth the extra cost. Consumer software and even online preparation sites are essentially a
one-size-fits-all solution for “easy” tax returns. They don’t provide the same level of experience
and expertise that’s provided by a certified CPA.


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