Choosing an accounting firm to handle business interests, personal finances and/or taxes can be confusing. Compounding the problem is the inability to discern which financial services are actually needed or an insufficient budget to hire an accountant. Instead, people often try to navigate their financials on their own and leave money on the table.

Identify Needs

Private individuals and businesses will typically have vastly different needs, though they can intersect. The same is true for startups, established businesses and sole proprietors. Cryptocurrency investors, those with lottery winnings, stocks, and rental properties will need an accountant with experience in those areas.


An accounting firm should be willing to provide their qualifications and areas of specialization in the services for which they’re being hired. Don’t be hesitant about asking questions to discover if they’ve been involved in audits and the outcomes. Seeking referrals from family, friends and/or other business owners is a good way to learn about accounting firms that may be right for an individual’s needs. Don’t forget to contact the Better Business Bureau to determine if there have been any complaints about the firm.

Experience and Support

Having experience in the specific areas for which an accountant is hired can’t be overstated. They’ll know about tax laws, deductions and credits available within specific industries. They’ll also have the expertise to assist with future planning and goal setting. Audits are always a potential event and the accountant should provide support and services that represent the client’s interests in that eventuality.

Near or Far

The location of the accountant relative to the client is important. Individuals may not have the time to drop everything to meet with their accountant. That’s especially true for people that frequently travel or have overseas holdings.

Making Connections

Clients should feel comfortable discussing any facet of their financial or business interests with their accountant. If they don’t, it’s time to find a new accountant. The chosen accountant should be able to explain things in clear and understandable language without jargon specific to the accounting industry.

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