An accounting service provides a variety of services that are an integral part of operating a financially solvent business and maintaining compliance. It’s essential that Individuals speak with several firms before choosing one to ensure that it will be able to meet business needs.

Some accounting firms offer a comprehensive range of services, while others specialize in one or more areas. Business owners may have requirements beyond bookkeeping, payroll and tax filing. It’s critical that the accounting service provide the services unique to a particular business operation.

Bookkeeping and Payroll

Owning a business doesn’t automatically mean that the owner is good with the financial responsibilities of operating an enterprise. Accounting firms can process payroll, issue checks, and provide the appropriate forms for onboarding new employees. The firms help business owners monitor cash flow and may offer services for accounts payable, receivable and past due.


An accounting service will provide advice and assistance in planning for tax time, prepare the necessary documents, and file federal and state taxes. The firm can also represent a client in IRS audits and reviews. Accounting services work closely with clients to identify beneficial strategies and business structuring to take advantage of tax laws. Services ensure that clients are in compliance with state and federal regulatory and tax laws.

Valuation and Financing

Businesses want to grow and that may include obtaining a loan to purchase new equipment or expand a facility. It can also encompass mergers and business buyouts. An accounting firm can provide the documentation to prove the company’s valuation, worth and growth for banks or investors.

Estate Planning

Businesses have needs for estate planning that are unique An accounting firm is adept at identifying those needs. The firm will work with an attorney skilled in estate planning to establish a family trust or business ownership transfer.

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