People generally fall into 1 of 2 categories when it comes to spending – impulse or deliberate. Both types of spending have an important impact on your personal and/or business finances. The truth is that everyone makes an impulse buy from time to time. It’s only when it’s a consistent habit that you need to be concerned.

Impulse Spending

This is the type of spending that’s not pre-planned. An example is going into a store to buy a loaf of bread and leaving with $10 or more – usually more – of other items. Impulse spending it typically triggered by a reaction to something seen or an emotion. The mind is an expert at justifying these types of purchases.

Impulse buying is often a type of “retail therapy” to make yourself feel good. Try to find other activities that elevate your mood such as meditating or taking a walk. Impulse buying makes it more difficult to manage your money, can lead to excessive credit card debt, and leave you with insufficient funds to pay essential living expenses. It can lead to the failure of a business.

Deliberate Spending

These are purchases that are pre-planned, made with forethought, and for a specific reason. It applies to everything from food to office equipment if you have a business. You buy only what you need and with the features you’ll actually use.

Breaking the Habit

Kicking the habit of impulse buying can be extremely difficult. It can be very helpful to make a list and stick to it when you go shopping. It can take time to learn to be a deliberate spender. When tempted toward an impulse buy, take a step back and examine why you want to buy a specific item.

Your Accountant Can Help

An accountant is a valuable ally in helping you control your financial health. They can assist with personal and business finances, along with guidance on purchasing decisions. He/she can help with investments, savings income issues, and budgeting.

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