Many individuals dream of owning their own business, but don’t fully understand what their tax liabilities are depending on the type of enterprise they’re operating. Knowing your tax liabilities is essential for growth and profitability. Your accountant will play an integral role in every facet of your business.

Federal Taxes

Depending on the size and scope of your operation, you may need to pay quarterly taxes and meet specific reporting deadlines. Those conducting a side hustle or working in the gig economy can often report their income on their personal tax return to the IRS.

State and Local Taxes

Your business structure and the city within which you operate will dictate which taxes you’ll have to pay. Florida is a tax-friendly state. Corporations are subject to a 5.5 percent income tax. Sole proprietorships, limited liability corporations (LLCs), and S corporations are exempt from paying state taxes.

Employment Taxes

Florida business owners will be responsible for paying federal and state employment taxes if they have employees. You’ll be required to pay a payroll tax and report wages, tips and other forms of compensation paid to an employee. There are special forms for doing so. You’ll typically be responsible for workers’ compensation insurance, unemployment insurance taxes, and temporary disability insurance. You’ll be required to report taxes that have been withheld from employee paychecks.

Why You Need an Accountant

The Florida tax code is a highly complex and complicated set of regulations. It can drive business owners to distraction trying to decipher the code, but an accountant is cognizant of all the intricacies. He or she can provide expert guidance on ways to reduce your federal, state and city tax liabilities.

An accountant will advise you of your tax responsibilities and be able to file at the appropriate time on the correct forms. The professionals help you work toward your individual goals, minimize costs, and maximize your profitability.

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