For those that don’t have the money to pay their tax bills in full, the IRS offers tax relief programs. The initiatives help taxpayers settle tax-related debts for less than the total amount, thereby preventing liens from being placed on their assets. They typically utilize a monthly repayment plan.

Tax relief programs won’t eliminate the money owed to the IRS, but it will help make it easier to repay. The IRS will charge interest on any unpaid taxes, along with a setup fee for its programs. To qualify for a long-term repayment plan of more than 120 days, individuals must owe $50,000 or more in taxes, penalties and interest.

Individuals that have been affected by natural disasters have access to tax relief initiatives. People should consult a tax specialist that’s knowledgeable in the regulations and forms required to take advantage of specific programs.

The IRS is currently offering tax relief programs to victims of wildfires, straight line winds, landslides and mudslides, flooding, tornadoes and hurricanes in certain areas. The tax relief initiatives provide extra time for taxpayers to file their federal return, pay their taxes, and file any required forms.

Another initiative of the IRS is penalty relief/interest abatement. Under the program, the IRS may forgive any penalties charged to the person’s tax bill, providing they meet certain criteria. Individuals will still owe their taxes, but eliminating penalties can save a substantial amount of money.

There are also companies that negotiate with the IRS on behalf of a client. Their fees can run into thousands of dollars and there’s no guarantee that they’ll be successful. Individuals should be wary of upfront fees, undesirable refund policies, and default billing if they decide to cancel.

The best option for those seeking tax relief is to engage the services of a qualified tax professional that has the authority to represent individuals with the IRS. Those include a CPA, attorney, or federally authorized tax practitioner.

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