The world discovered during the pandemic the integral role that supply chains play in delivering goods around the globe. They also discovered the disastrous consequences when those supply chains are disrupted. Your accountant can play a major role in the management of your personal supply chain network.

Acquisition and Distribution

An effective supply chain management system for any business relies on three elements. The first is reducing costs, followed by increasing the speed of products from the source to the customer, and finally, compressing that cycle of acquisition and distribution. A variety of factors at any point in the process can affect any company’s bottom line, though it will hurt smaller enterprises first.

Accounting, Costs and Logistics

Accounting is a critical component of logistics, whether you’re operating a small mom-and-pop business or a billion-dollar company. One of the many services your accountant provides is helping you to lower your costs and operating more efficiently, which can be accomplished through supply chain management. The result is cutting of expenses, getting products from vendors to you quicker, and out to customers faster and at a lesser cost to you.

Good supply chain management reduces your cost, helps you remain competitive, and increases profitability.

Strategic Planning

Your account will provide you with analytics, an economic perspective, and help you create strategic financial plans – all from an objective viewpoint. You can then evaluate the information, anticipate challenges, and prioritize opportunities.

Final Outcomes

The ultimate decision on your supply chain is always yours. The job of your accountant is to assist you in reducing cost and waste, while increasing financial flexibility. Your accountant will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions that are best for your company.

Some accountants also have specialized expertise in supply chain management. It enables them to be an active partner with others in the supply chain for its establishment and implementation. Most importantly, your accountant will provide you with options to reduce costs, operate more efficiently, and boost revenues.

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