There are many subfields and specialties within the accounting industry. However, there are 4 basic types that individuals will encounter.

Individuals that operate a business or are self-employed may have an accountant that maintains the records for their business and personal account.

Financial Accounting

This has a focus on reporting the financial information of an organization. Statements are prepared for regulators, investors and suppliers.

Management Accounting

This is for internal use by management. It has an emphasis on analysis, measurement and reporting.

Tax accounting

In this type of accounting, the professional prepares tax returns, payments, and ensures that tax deadlines are met. They do this for individuals, small businesses, large corporations, and organizations. This is the type of accounting with which most individuals are familiar.

Cost Accounting

The accountant focuses on determining a company’s variable costs for production and services based on its organization’s structure.

Why Accounting is Important for Businesses

For an enterprise to survive and grow, owners must know how much they’re spending for expenses that include labor, production costs, overhead, and liabilities. These expenses determine profit and losses. An accountant keeps clients advised of these essential numbers, allowing them to control costs, make informed decisions and plan for the future.

Accounting for Individuals

Individuals don’t have to own a business to benefit from the services of an accountant. The professional is able to help clients take advantage of all the credits and deductions to which they’re entitled, thereby reducing the amount of taxes they owe.

Tax Preparers vs Accountants

A tax preparer isn’t necessarily an accountant. Tax preparers can’t perform all the same services as an accountant. Kiosks spring up everywhere during tax time. While these tax preparers are capable of completing and filing taxes for the average person, people with a business or are self-employed should consult an accountant.

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