Any business owner that’s been considering the installation of an alarm system should know they can deduct the cost on their federal tax return. The IRS recognizes a variety of qualifying equipment ranging from fire alarms to security systems if they were purchased or financed during the tax year.

Businesses can deduct the entire purchase price up to a specified limit and fire protection systems can now be written off. Allowable expenses include heat and smoke detection units, sensing devices, audible alarms, sprinkler systems, motion detectors, and door and window locks. Monitoring services may be deductible.

Individuals that work from home can deduct the cost of a security system as a business expense, within limits. The line between home office and business can be a little blurry. It’s best to hire a tax professional that is well-versed in the intricacies of the law. Those that work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic don’t qualify, as they’re employees not business owners.

To claim a security system installed at a home as a business expense, individuals will need to prove that the home is their principal place of business where they meet with patients or clients. The home must also be the exclusive space where inventory is stored. Daycare facilities and properties for rental use are included.

Individuals will need to establish the allowable area where business is conducted. The IRS allows people to deduct a portion of the security system in relation to the area actually used for business purposes. There are two ways that percentage can be determined, so be sure to calculate both ways for the maximum benefit.

As with all IRS rules, there are exceptions. The business expense can’t equal or exceed the individual’s income. However, business owners operating a business from their home can claim depreciation of the system for the portion that protects the business space.

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