E-filing a tax return is the quickest and easiest way to get a refund if one is due, prevent identity theft, and arrange for the financial resources required if a balance is owed. Despite the convenience and ease of filing digitally, many still don’t take advantage of the technology even though it has distinct advantages.

E-filing is offered by tax preparers, online tax services, and tax software programs. Filing digitally is an easy way to know if the return has been accepted by federal and state governments and track its progress.

Faster Refund

The biggest motivator for e-filing a tax return is a quicker refund for those that have money coming back. By choosing to file electronically, tax returns arrive quickly and individuals can have the funds deposited directly to their bank, a pre-paid card, or a cash app card. Paper tax returns take longer to arrive at the IRS and requires extra effort on the part of IRS workers to process. A return can take weeks to be processed.

Balance Due

For individuals that owe the IRS, filing early lets them know how much they owe and buys them extra time to come up with the money owed. The amount is due on the filing deadline. If the money owed is readily available, people can opt to have the money automatically withdrawn from their account.

Late Filers

There are those that always procrastinate and wait until the last minute to file their taxes. E-filing ensures that tax returns arrive at the IRS in a timely manner and prevents them from being late.

Avoid Extensions

Filing early can prevent tax payers from the need to apply for an extension. The IRS will charge interest and penalties on any outstanding tax debt until the balance is paid in full.

Identity Theft

The risk of identity theft and having a refund stolen increases the longer tax payers wait to file their return. The instances of fraudulent tax returns continue to increase and all the unscrupulous need to file a return and steal a tax return is an individual’s Social Security number. Tax payers at the highest risk are those that wait until the last minute to file.

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