The answer is no. In fact, the opposite is true. Single people are taxed at a higher rate than a married couple that file jointly. It’s essentially a penalty for being single. It’s not just something that affects people who are single by choice – it also impacts individuals who are divorced or lose a spouse through death.

Singles pay more over their lifetime in taxes, receive less in Social Security benefits than their married counterparts, and don’t have the luxury of two incomes to pay for life’s necessities or to create a retirement fund. The inequality affects women more than men.

The state of your finances is your responsibility. Diligence in managing, planning and saving for your future is critical at every stage of your life. You’ll need to factor in your Social Security benefits, pensions and other sources of income for retirement.

Don’t let a spouse or partner control your finances without your input. Enlist a financial advisor or accountant to help you identify tax strategies and other means of maximizing your money.

Single people are charged a higher rate on their income taxes than married couples. Child-focused policies are written in favor of married couples and don’t consider single parents. The tax structure in the U.S. also favors couples at upper income levels.

High-income couples have access to shelters, credits and deductions that singles and lower-income people don’t. Tax laws are written with the traditional nuclear family in mind and don’t account for modern family units and living arrangements.

The more people make, the more they’re taxed as they enter higher tax brackets. Couples receive the same amount of tax breaks for both people, even if only one person is working. That’s not true for single people The current system is designed in such a way that a married couple pays less in taxes than 2 unmarried people filing individually.

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