Everyone wants to lower their tax burden by getting every possible deduction to which they’re entitled and medical expenses is one way to accomplish that. However, individuals must itemize to claim the deduction and much will depend on an individual’s income. Claiming medical expense deductions is beneficial if the amount of the deductions exceeds the standard deduction on income taxes.

What can be Deducted?

The IRS enables taxpayers to deduct unreimbursed medical, dental, vision, and mental health expenses for themselves, a spouse and dependents, up to 7.5 percent of their adjusted gross income. Those expenses can include diagnostics, mitigation, treatment and cures, along with preventative measures. Individuals can also deduct travel expenses.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many individuals with astronomical medical bills. Some private insurance companies have pledged to cover all COVID-19 expenses, while others have not. Taxpayers that rely on Medicaid and Medicare for medical care may have co-pays and spend-downs that they can claim.

There are a great many expenses that taxpayers can deduct if they’re itemizing deductions, up to 7.5 percent of their adjusted gross income. They include fees to a wide range of medical and mental health professionals, including surgeons, dentists, chiropractors, psychiatrists and psychologists, and non-traditional medical practitioners.

Wide Range of Deductions

Other expenses include oral and injectable prescription medications, weight loss programs prescribed by a doctor, and in-patient costs for drug, alcohol and nicotine addiction. Nursing home costs, insurance premiums, and medical aids such as crutches, wheelchairs, dentures and even service dogs are all allowable expenses.

The range of medical-related expenses that can be deducted is extensive, but there are also restrictions on what can be claimed. For taxpayers with substantial costs, it can be beneficial to claim those deductions. The best solution for those intending to claim medical expense deductions is engaging the services of a tax professional or certified public accountant (CPA) that has the experience, knowledge and resources to help them get every deduction to which they’re qualified.

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