A payroll service provider helps small business owners streamline the process of collecting payroll taxes and filing federal and state reports. Payroll services experts provide support to help make sure compliance with federal and state regulations and requirements governing payroll and paychecks in any state. Get the systems and resources you need to properly hire and manage employees, as well as pay employees when you grow.

Make the most of your employee base. Most small business owners don’t expect to encounter payroll headaches right away. If you plan to provide employees with paper reports, such as your paychecks and federal tax reports, you will probably be surprised at the number of errors that can pop up over time. The time savings gained from payroll services can more than outweigh the cost of providing paper reports for each individual employee. With electronic reports, there is no need to print out paper copies of documents that have been downloaded.

Your payroll services company can provide reports that include both payables. In general, the reports will contain summary information, which includes gross pay, deductions, and net income, as well as specific details about each employee’s pay, assets, and deductions. The information provided should be consistent with the types that are listed in your employee manual. To make sure the information is correct, it’s a good idea to have a payroll services company verify the information.

Prepare your financial reports properly. Payroll reports are not filed with federal tax forms; instead, they must be filed with W-2 form documentation. For some, this may mean an entirely new filing procedure. For others, simply making sure their payroll numbers match what they filed in the last year can make the difference between success and failure.

You can also take care of a lot of your tax-related worries by making direct deposit. Many companies today offer automatic direct deposit, meaning they deposit the employee’s paycheck directly into their bank account every payday. This saves them time and eliminates the need to write out checks, which saves money. It also makes it easier to track all of the employees’ expenses. If you do not currently have an automatic direct deposit program, talk to your payroll services provider. They may be able to recommend an option that you have not considered.

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