Tax day is a highly stressful event for many people, prompting them to procrastinate as long as
possible. Waiting to file yearly taxes can result in mistakes, missed deadlines and financial
penalties. Armed with a personal checklist, individuals will have the documentation they need,
filing will be easier, and tax day will be far less stressful.
Keep a Folder
Create a physical folder and place all documentation inside as the information arrives. Many
individuals use home accounting software and print-outs of pertinent information can make
filling out tax forms much easier.
Personal Information
The IRS wants very specific information about individuals. To fulfill those requirements, the
following information is required if applicable.
 Social Security numbers and birthdates for all filers and dependents
 Statement of earnings from all employment
 Social Security received
 Pension income received
 Earning information from side hustles or the gig economy
 Unemployment benefits
 Investment income
 State and local refunds
 Alimony paid or received
 Business or farming income
 Property taxes paid
 Home office expenses
 Any miscellaneous income from sources such as gambling
There are several ways to reduce tax liability and the amount owed. Some of those include:
 Student loan interest
 Education expenses
 Health Savings Account
 IRA contributions
 Self-employment health insurance expenses
Tax credits also help people lower their tax burden. Individuals will need documentation of:

 Child care expenses
 Adoption costs
 Home mortgage interest paid
 Charitable donations
 Insurance reimbursements
 Work expenses such as uniforms and union dues
 Medical-related expenses
 Energy credits
Taxes Already Paid
These can include personal property taxes, real estate taxes, and fees for vehicle licensing,
along with state and local taxes.
Miscellaneous Information
Individuals will need information about their bank accounts – both foreign and domestic – and
bank routing numbers. The IRS will need to know what account from which to deduct any taxes
owed or to deposit a refund.

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