The tax code is highly complex. There are ways in which individuals can reduce their tax burden, many of which they’re unaware. Anyone can save themselves a significant amount of time, money and stress by hiring a tax accountant.

However, the tax professionals provide far more than assistance at tax time. Tax accountants help clients attain their financial goals, recommend tax strategies, and ensure taxes are filed accurately and on time. More than 74 million individuals and business owners received assistance from a tax professional in 2020. There are 3 essential questions to ask when hiring a tax accountant.

Self-Employment Taxes

Many individuals are operating side hustles and working in the gig economy without realizing that the IRS considers that self-employment. That makes earnings subject to additional taxes. Individuals should ask their tax accountant if they’re paying self-employment taxes and if there’s any way to reduce the amount.

Self-employment taxes include Social Security and Medicare, along with state and federal taxes on income. There are ways to reduce the tax burden and a tax accountant will know how to accomplish that.


Business owners need to ask their tax accountant about placing themselves on the company’s payroll in the future. There’s a tax deduction that can be taken by doing so. Not all business entities are able to do this and a tax accountant will know if the client qualifies. For those that do qualify, it’s viewed as a distribution for IRS purposes and owners will be taxed as an employee.

Estimated Taxes

Many small business owners encounter problems during their first years of operation because they don’t budget for their taxes or fail to make estimated tax payments. A tax accountant will be able to provide sound advice and guidance on whether individuals should be making estimated tax payments.

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